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Anneka Latta

Name: Anneka LattaAnneka Picture

Birthday: 17 September

Musical background: My love of music started from an early age when my parents would take me to rock concerts and I instantly fell in love with the buzz and energy that live music created. With this passion for music I decided to take up keyboard lessons, as well as the usual school instruments that we all have the pleasure of trying out. From here I started writing my own songs and entering them into competitions, more for fun than anything serious, however I found myself more often than not winning the competitions and so decided to take it further and develop my skills more. It was time to join a band.
When I started playing in a local soul band at the age of 14, singing never entered my head. Instead I played the saxophone and I continued to do so up to the age of 16. At this point I left school and joined another cover band where I could occasionally sing a couple of songs before hiding away behind the saxophone again to 'toot' my sweet music. This is where I met Tom and Steve and discovered that we shared the same desire and eagerness to create and perform our own music. This time I was to lay my saxophone to one side and venture to the front of the stage as the main singer. This band, of course, was Exoterik.

Equipment: AKG Wireless microphone system, Korg MS2000, Roland XP50.

Favourite alcoholic beverage: Hmmm, depends on the mood really, but I'm a vodka girl all the way!

Favourite Movies: Again, this depends on how I'm feeling and what I fancy watching. Much like Tom and Daz, I'm really into horror movies. Blood and guts all the way! "Switchblade Romance", "Saw" and a lot of the world cinema films such as "A Tale of Two Sisters". I love comedies too but prefere to watch TV comedy such as "Blackadder", "Bottom", "Mighty Boosh". I could go on forever.

Favourite Books: I like history books, but the Dan Brown books are very good, especially "Angels & Demons". I also like to read classic novels as a nice way to chill out on a Sunday evening.

Top 5 bands: I don't really have any 'favourite' bands, but I like an ecclectic taste of music. I was brought up from an early age with the likes of "ELO", "Roy Wood" and "The Carpenters" and soul music has also had a huge influence in my life. However, rock and metal is my personal preference, with artists such as "Sevendust","System of A Down", "Lacuna Coil", yet I also have a love of acoustic music, such as "Alanis Morissette", "Damien Rice", "Seth Lakeman" and many many more. A very varied taste.

Best Tour Experience: Our first tour away from home was a great experience for us all and was definately fun. Supporting "Epica" and "Lacuna Coil" was great too, especially when only years before we'd been to see them and we had never dreamed that a few years down the line we'd be opening up for them. That was special.

Worst Tour Experience: Sleeping in the van can take it's toll, especially once you're well into a tour and you've finished a gig, drove halfway to the next venue and have nowhere but the van to sleep. Especially with 3 smelly boys snoring away. If anyone is thinking of doing a tour - I recommend taking some earplugs and a snuggly duvet!



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